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Tevin Jeffrey

My name is Tevin Jeffrey and I'm a Software Engineer. This is my blog about android, software architecture, user interfaces, user experience and sometimes video games.



About Me

Tevin JeffreyTevin Jeffrey

My name is Tevin Jeffrey and I'm a Software Engineer. Professionally, I'm an Android Engineer improving user and developer experiences Prolific Interactive. As a hobby, I'm involved in the Go and Kubernetes community, you can find me on their slack channels and subreddits.

My current pet project, Course Trakr, has been a constant source of motivation for past few years. I have taken it from mockups to Android/iOS clients to orchestrating many services forming the backbone of the app.


What is my favorite editor?

A developer is only as productive as their tools and IntelliJ has consistently been the best tool in the shed. For lighter editing VS Code has been brilliant.

What is my favorite development tool?

Charles Proxy, the most invaluable tool when debugging API and user experience alike.